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UPGRADED CAPTCHA by oherman - 05/20/21 @ 02:05 PM PDT #

After digging through codes, I finally got the newer recaptcha working. More traps for CP posters too. CAPTCHA is now a sitewide requirement for posting and replying.

PHP 7 by oherman - 03/02/16 @ 02:04 AM PST #

The performance increase was too juicy to ignore. The boards now run on PHP7 and should be snappy and fast.

Tweaks to the anti-childporn filters will be introduced in the coming days, to ensure less occurrences of false positives.

TWEAKS by oherman - 11/24/15 @ 12:19 AM PST #

Dreamhost upgraded the PHP version across all servers and my fork of Kusaba appears to be using deprecated PHP code.

That's fixed now.

PS. If you're getting a 'WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING YOU F(*^(* CHILDPORN SPAMMER' and you're not really posting CP, email me right away or post in the support section of

Hilarity Ensues by oherman - 11/07/15 @ 11:40 PM PST #

In our spam filters...

>>Hello faggots, i was fuck your all moms. Your board is shit. Your administration suck my dick. Please go to new good friendly imageboard where we russians masturbate about a time-travelling tsundere Thank you.


Whoever wrote that automated spam post is lousy in English, lousy at marketing, and criminally retarded.

PS. Their board is shit and their administration suck too. I know, I had a look and left instantly due to the cancer-inducing posts there.

Ban appeals by oherman - 05/31/15 @ 09:16 PM PDT #

If you're a legit user and for some reason got the gtfo sign or can't post, appeals are now accepted. Please email us about it.

New Boards by oherman - 07/20/14 @ 11:47 AM PDT #

Kantai Collection boards (worksafe and h) have been added.

Now go date and (optionally) fuck your favorite ships.

PS. A lot of them took their fall in here, PHL. Especially Shimakaze. :P

A public service reminder to all Spanish-speaking viewers by oherman - 07/14/14 @ 01:17 PM PDT #

Si publicas CP en este juntas, le espera nunca volver, incluso con cualquier tipo de servidores proxy.

In English: Post CP and get banned from the ISP level.

And did I mention I share my catches? Some of these fuckers are hiding behind Tor.

Because of the levels of idiocy going around, ban appeals are not possible at the moment. Unless you can show me you're not an asshat.

Desperation from CP kiddies by oherman - 05/05/14 @ 11:05 AM PDT #

Are these spammers, automated or otherwise THAT DESPERATE that they won't be satisfied until their pitiful links are posted, only to be deleted again and again, with their last address banned, blacklisted, never to be able to post again??

If that's not masochism, I don't know what to call it. :D

Idiots walking into traps by oherman - 05/03/14 @ 10:43 PM PDT #

All the determination to post childporn links will end in vain when they find out all their gateways has been banned.

AT&T Banned by oherman - 05/03/14 @ 10:29 AM PDT #

Access from AT&T Internet Services has been banned due to an asshat spamming his childporn links. Appeals for this may be considered but you'll have to convince me, because another CP link and the ban will be IRREVOCABLE.

*chuckle* by oherman - 02/24/14 @ 09:47 AM PST #

Asshats from Argentina, Australia, and more webhosts added to the shitlist never being able to post ever again.

Don't attempt to post CP or Jailbait here ever again.

Yawn by oherman - 12/03/13 @ 06:55 AM PST #

report: 'cp you lazy fuck'
me: 'banned you whiny twat'

Dumbfucks and Dumdums with CP proxy by oherman - 11/18/13 @ 12:16 PM PST #

Not even hiding behind TOR can save idiot CP posters from a nice carpet ban.

CP Posting Foiled! by oherman - 11/15/13 @ 05:42 AM PST #

Stay classy and stay banned. It's an act of futility, give it up, loser.

In other news, even though the devastation south of this country was really bad, the main city's unscathed, thankfully. Thanks everyone for your donations and thoughts.

Introducing /wtf/ by oherman - 09/11/13 @ 09:01 PM PDT #

Any booru regulars will know what is /what/. And so, I give you a hideout where you can share such things.

No Media Embedding for now by oherman - 08/21/13 @ 11:20 AM PDT #

Because of a really annoying bug that asks you for a media ID when you tick no file, I've taken the feature down for now until this is sorted out. Annoying, really.

Shenanigans Beware by oherman - 07/29/13 @ 06:38 AM PDT #

Any attempt of posting lawbreaking content will be dealt with mercilessly. One such poster in /eroge/, from a compromised ISP in Norway has tasted such a wrath.

Getting the mood back by oherman - 07/09/13 @ 07:17 AM PDT #

So what happened with IIChan and Wakachan? Looks like a lot happened while I was busy doing various evil schemes to resurrect my hosting. In any case, the playground is back and up, and I've sorted out the rift with Dreamhost too. I'm now using a more competent imageboard software, so this should be a much more pleasant experience.