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File 139723666318.jpg - (40.13KB , 600x567 , poorharuko.jpg )
10 No. 10 ID: 87abd3
Look at her.

She fucked up big time and now she is sad and that makes me sad too.
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>> No. 11 ID: 87abd3
File 139723670392.jpg - (42.14KB , 600x337 , obokatagomen7-600x337.jpg )
>> No. 12 ID: 16c3e4
Hmmm. Is this something related to AKB48? I'd like to know more.
>> No. 13 ID: 87abd3
Nope. Haruko Obokata was a stem-cell biologist and the Research Unit Leader of the Laboratory for Cellular Reprogramming at RIKEN Centers for Developmental Biology. She developed a radical and remarkably easy way to make cells, called Stimulus-Triggered Acquisition of Pluripotency (STAP) cells, that can grow into any tissue in the body. However, the Riken research institute started an investigation into claims of irregularities in images of her several articles including the paper associated with the discovery of STAP cells in response to the allegations made on blogs and SNS sites

>> No. 22 ID: bf1022
>Obokata announced her resignation in December 2014.

Wonder what she does now. Bet she brought great dishonour to famiry.

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