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File 13740242084.jpg - (52.99KB , 500x610 , creepy_zashikiwarashi.jpg )
1 No. 1 ID: 4c68a1
Ghost children.

Has anyone ever had an experience with ghost children in their homes?
>> No. 2 ID: 4d8d8b
Thankfully none on my house. But I've seen a creepy recording with a feisty black shadow that is supposedly the ghost of their dead kid.
>> No. 3 ID: 4c68a1
I myself haven't had any experience but I have some relatives whose house seems to be haunted by a child and some other entity.

My aunt used to tell me stories about how when she when was cooking or doing housework suddenly from the corner of her eye she could clearly see a kid walking towards their room but she was all alone in the house in that moment and they didn't have any children until some years later.
>> No. 15 ID: 712c64
folk stories said.. if there is a children ghost on the house.. the family will granted with fortune.

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