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File 139947552678.png - (102.10KB , 800x205 , 2014-2015-Jewish-Tetrad-Solar-Lunar-Eclipses1.png )
13 No. 13 ID: 87abd3
Now let's have a thread about some of the coming events.

These blood moons that supposedly predict important events for the israelites.
>> No. 14 ID: 16c3e4
I've heard of people dreading the very event itself. Reminds me a lot of Melty Blood when this happens. I've seen it happen once, moon went red and was gone for the rest of the night.
>> No. 17 ID: d6f119

With Russia denying shooting down that airplane yet evidence suggesting otherwise, we may be looking more than that.
>> No. 19 ID: d6f119

Ebola, in Nigeria?
All I know about Nigeria is that it's where most scammers operate. But yeah, Ebola is nasty shit.
>> No. 27 ID: 2c80e2
I think there's a secret organization out there fighting "things" that appeared during the blood moons.

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