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File 137461552494.gif - (475.54KB , 290x217 , ufo1.gif )
4 No. 4 ID: 4c68a1
... and all that.
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>> No. 5 ID: 4c68a1
BTW does anon think this subject really belongs here?
Would it be better if it was its own category?
>> No. 6 ID: 4d8d8b
I think it belongs here fine.
>> No. 7 ID: 4c68a1
Now that it has been clarified...

Here we tell about our experiences with UFOs, close encounters and all that jazz.
>> No. 8 ID: f55763
File 137651770078.jpg - (191.40KB , 477x500 , hair.jpg )
It's still disappointing that Earth didn't have our first contact with aliens on the 2012 Dec 21st solstice. Shows what the Mayans know...
>> No. 12 ID: 87abd3
It wasn't the mayans fault.

It's just that some silly foreigners misinterpreted their writing system and took their words out of context.
>> No. 28 ID: 2c80e2
I believe that the 2012 event is about someone born on that day that one day will change the world. I don't know if it's for the better or worse.

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