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File 162855371975.jpg - (40.49KB , 707x1000 , IMG_20210806_124550_171.jpg )
52 No. 52 ID: 851b3c
Is there some kind of ai dumbing down converstions online or do people just become dumber throught long term use of the internet?
>> No. 53 ID: 98ceb2
It's very possible, due to the uncontrolled influx of every kind of information, our brain is no longer stimulated to act and make judgments based on our own capacity.

This kind of event is nothing paranormal though, but I wouldn't call technology a curse-borne element either.
>> No. 55 ID: e53fe3
The Temple of Set brought a demon onto the internet through one of their rituals. The powers that be are using the internet as a tool to infest everything with degeneracy and keep people enslaved to technology. Imageboards serve no use for them anymore, except as a faux cultural underbelly where they plant memes inside the mass unconscious.

This is why they are actively involved with killing board culture. They do not want a decentralized web.

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