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File 137451505917.jpg - (193.70KB , 898x334 , Screen shot 2011-08-09 at 15_47_06.jpg )
3 No. 3
If someone had said to you "I've never played an H game before what is it?" what game would you introduce to them? The first H game someone a should play

I've played a few, it's just a hypothetical question
>> No. 4
super deepthroat
>> No. 5
>>4 Good choice! Come to think of it I think the FFX Rikku version of that was one of the first adult games I found. On the first /f/ board I found, on the first imageboard I found... it's all coming back to me...
>> No. 10
I played and H game once and it was entertaining.

I think the game's title was True Love.

It's like a dating sim where you can nail many of the girls if you take specific decisions.

I think that would be a good game for starters.
>> No. 23
I remember playing those first, realising I'd been playing for an hour and not getting any juicy action
>> No. 24
Probably one with an emphasis on the game, like Nightmare Sphere or RePureAria, though the Kagura series by e-go deserves special mention.
>> No. 25
It depends on what sort of game they actually wanted to see.

If they wanted something to "take off the pressure" then I'd probably try to ask them a few questions and choose on the spot.

And if they wanted something with a story, I think I would go for "Ef - a fairy tale of the two".
>> No. 27
I second this one as being my first thought, since it has some actual game element instead of being a straight out VN, but is still VN-like for the most part (and it's less kinky than The Maid's Story, unless you know they're into that.)
>> No. 79
easily slavemaker 3

Now it's your turn, add this to your post in support for the syrian dude
Spread the word.
>> No. 80
True Love. It has actual game elements and isn't overly kinky for the most part.

It is pretty damn old though, which shows how much I've kept abreast of H-game developments.

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