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File 146347929944.png - (385.89KB , 715x1000 , ed88b6550708fc16b252326500088868.png )
81 No. 81 ID: d61b37
The battle-hardened army hound takes on his feisty secretary ship to a night battle.
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>> No. 82 ID: d61b37
File 146347937891.png - (646.87KB , 1300x1000 , 0c8f948d8532f8e5c71c33be76968ba1.png )
What a way to invite things, Inazuma.
>> No. 83 ID: d61b37
File 146347946852.png - (575.45KB , 715x1000 , 56662349_p0.png )
I wonder if Reiji had problems putting it in on her, or was there a lengthy foreplay involved? :P
>> No. 84 ID: d61b37
File 146347967947.png - (678.53KB , 1000x1000 , dfaf4f08cd296e44a734fa828333d01f.png )
With Inazuma on top, she asserts her dominance, shown as how she beats the shit out of him at times. It also happens here in their lovemaking.
>> No. 85 ID: d61b37
File 146347983251.png - (566.18KB , 1300x1000 , c1104af2a8c243a89bad3021487b06bb.png )
Now we wonder, is Reiji really raising Inazuma to be his bride in the future? Even now in her nubile figure, she allures Reiji to the point they've done this.

Reiji kept insisting that Inazuma grow up before he thinks of her as marriage material... but all that may have been subverted by what has happened right now.

Just look at how thick that's oozing from her keel. Was he lusting for her all this time?

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