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File 14048545569.gif - (12.68KB , 320x234 , raiya-crouch-animated.gif )
17 No. 17 ID: 16c3e4
Here's one for Raiya, an animated crouching stance.
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>> No. 18 ID: 16c3e4
File 140485470364.gif - (14.50KB , 252x234 , walkstanding.gif )
Here's one that is work in progress, for Strider Hiryu. I plan to add animations that were in UMVC3 and adapt them of course for CPS-2.

The sprite is from Strider 2. I thought it used the same res as a CPS-2 sprite. I was wrong. Not only that, they reduced the colors in use as well, requiring a massive retool. (and that means hours needed to sit down and do it.)

There will be color separation ala CPS-3 style sprites in the finalized version, as well as improvised sprites for other animations, including crumple/collapse.
>> No. 21 ID: a0e287
whats going on with mugen H spanish website?
>> No. 22 ID: bd2bea
No idea. What are you seeing there? Is it alive?
>> No. 23 ID: 0d4927
The website only shows user statistics and nothing else, in the top left center frame it says forum doesn't exist, I couldn't log in to the website at all or create another account but it shows there was users logged in. I'm not sure if the site is entirely down but it looks that way, try logging in if you have an account, I wasn't sure if anybody had this trouble
>> No. 26 ID: ffb6f2
The spanish website is officially down now. Anyone has any idea is there a new site created or are those guys moving to some other site ?
>> No. 27 ID: 94c021
regular member of that forum here
I contacted admin and a mod 2 days ago, no reply

now I tried with the web hoster, let's ee if later I gather some info

I think it's all related to the infamous spammer, maybe he wanted a revenge
not sure if you know the story, but a few months ago someone created accounts and presumably hacked existing members to put unpleasant avatars

Personal theory, not the truth
long story short, I think that same guy of the avatars, reported the forum to the server host to shut it down (maybe for pirated content, I think it's the easiest way to do the dirty job)
>> No. 28 ID: f47cd7
That's a sad story. Hey, if you got guys looking for a mugen-specific haunt, lead them here. I can still do MUGEN after all these years.
>> No. 29 ID: 94c021
I don't have all that mugen acquaintances (they're all hentai related) and 1 guy I know abandoned mugen, but if the occasion pops up I'll inform about the return of your board

anyway for what i remember, the english hentai forum of 4 years ago (the one that had thousand of members) maybe was closed for sharing copyrighted material (animes, hentai), is better to avoid sharing this stuff and stay by the rules to not give trolls the opportunity of making a successfull report to the web hosters

nice job on sprites by the way
>> No. 30 ID: bb564b
the forum is working again
>> No. 31 ID: 41c9da
What you mean its working again? it says the site doesn't have forums on the top left, can't create an account on the site..
>> No. 32 ID: cc916b
I can access all the forums
I log out as test and you're right, forums are open only for members

messages are in spanish ,not my language, but I read now that the forum is temporarily closed (for new members I guess)

so you're right , it's closed, and the admin is absent

on the spanish forum this imageboard is now mentioned in a list about mugen sites, I was going to suggest it but Tetchi already added it by his own :)
>> No. 33 ID: f47cd7

Tetchi. It's been a long time since I heard that name.

I'd like to see MUGEN stuff that doesn't involve H and rape though, it's because that's what's becoming common these days.

Not that I'd shun the NSFW parts though. ;)
>> No. 34 ID: 41c9da
@ New Challenger:I see, i guess i'm out of luck, appreciate for the info.
@ Orochi Herman:, didn't you at one point mainly had stuff related to H mugen on here? I wonder if you got bored of it?
>> No. 35 ID: 77ed96
That must've been the board contents. They were lost in the conversion.

H MUGEN stuff is not a problem to me.
>> No. 39 ID: 080ab8
maybe you're lucky now, according to what I just read they opened the forum for new members

they're discussing about putting some requirements for accessing all the forum like n# of messages, so if right now or in the future you can't see every section, the cause could be this restriction, but you have already an old account? forgot password?
>> No. 40 ID: 080ab8

meant to reply to this
>> No. 64 ID: c5ed4c
File 146809683063.gif - (13.79KB , 304x224 , idle-crouch-97.gif )
In the light of KOF98UM, I decided to give an animated crouch idle animation for Orochi, had he been given one in KOF97.

It looks crappy, but hey, let's lead it to the revision given to him in 98UM.

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