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File 141699029724.jpg - (215.99KB , 1283x719 , miku.jpg )
37 No. 37 ID: 33b9c7
Damn this board is like dead. R.I.P M.U.G.E.N
>> No. 38 ID: d5adc8
Well, it needs new blood and new things.
>> No. 54 ID: 54d0ec
>> No. 55 ID: e4469c
Not if I can help it. But you're right, the scene's dead for some time.

Unless elecbyte brings mugen to android or something...
>> No. 57 ID: 72b450
Well, after awhile even hardcore mugen guys like me get bored of it, but if you guys are interested check out MK mugen at TRMK forums, they have created some fantastic stuff, especially the characters, I always wanted to make a good graphic version of the MK fighters, and these guys have done just that, while I sit here and procrastinate. Unfortunately, those guys are facing backlash by WB (Warner Bros), and are not allowed to make into a game... even in mugen. That is some bullsshit if you ask me considering its a fan based project.In this case, that creation done by those guys looks far better thank what MK guys at Netherealm studios could do.
>> No. 58 ID: d5adc8
Heh. I remember how SNK was apprehensive and CAPCOM was cool about it.

French Bread / Watanabe Seisakujo was just in protest about it (Post French Bread era was more lenient though)
>> No. 59 ID: 1ee398
I just read your title... No Limits, and NO requests you idiots. HAHA, that got got me cracking up.
>> No. 60 ID: 595699
For you to remember that episode of MUGEN where request beggars were just ridiculed. Heh.

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