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File 137333649139.jpg - (45.81KB , 700x525 , anime51.jpg )
1 No. 1 ID: 2c892e
since the animated gif didn't work is is plain old jpg
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>> No. 2 ID: 2c892e
File 137333656146.jpg - (46.01KB , 700x525 , anime52.jpg )
and the next frame that was used to make the gif...
>> No. 3 ID: f8e88b
I'll try to sort that out, thanks for the feedback.

Go tell everyone what just came back from the dead.
>> No. 4 ID: f8e88b
Bumped upload limit to accommodate GIFs. More tweaks to follow later.
>> No. 5 ID: d1664c
when i tried uplaoding the gif i got a message saying

Unable to read uploaded file during thumbnailing.

A common cause for this is an incorrect extension when the file is actually of a different type.
>> No. 13 ID: 3e481e
File 139902421444.gif - (410.20KB , 700x525 , animate2.gif )
here is the animated version of the pic now fixed to display properly. the old one had the image dimensions set improperly,
>> No. 25 ID: d1eab7
Cool beans. Now if only we can do something about the pixelization, which means a total reconstruction.
>> No. 31 ID: a7df57
File 146660334335.gif - (256.26KB , 800x600 , animate2.gif )
larger with other improvements!

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