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File 137480481595.png - (459.53KB , 800x600 , teto crying.png )
1 No. 1 ID: 7b7df1
Is anyone still here?
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>> No. 2 ID: 6c080f
It's a fairly new board, so you need to drag people in here.
>> No. 3 ID: 7b7df1
File 137696010564.jpg - (223.86KB , 1329x1359 , Elle's lament.jpg )
I dunno if i'm gonna get in trouble but, but I do know some of the once iichan users migrated to danbooru. I'll try to get them back.
>> No. 4 ID: 4c68a1
Yes please.
>> No. 8 ID: cf4cfc

*reads Elle's bubble speech*

The current trend now: If your software is being pirated in a massive scale, this is not a problem-- it's an opportunity waiting to be tapped... and many companies actively seek piracy rates of their products these days.

Rovio uses information on how much Angry Birds is being pirated and cracked to adjust their marketing strategy. Netflix uses piracy to plan where to set up shop next. They did this in Canada and succeeded.

Piracy will always be a part of a software that is released to the outside world. And it can be an opportunity for developers, not a problem, if you think outside the box.
>> No. 10 ID: 082f55

>> No. 11 ID: 16c3e4
Nice try.
>> No. 12 ID: 082f55
and this try?
>> No. 13 ID: 16c3e4
So what else is Teto up to aside from tricking users? :P

The BBS is a surprise though.
>> No. 38 ID: 797d4b
>> No. 41 ID: 379018
Why would they be here when the subreddit is superior?
>> No. 43 ID: 39c5ef

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